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Proofreading in English

"The written word when grammatically correct is a pleasure to read"


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PROOFREADING OR PROOF READING?  It is, indeed, one word : proofreading, according to the Oxford Modern English Dictionary (1992:Clarendon Press. Oxford).

Proofreading means the reading and improving of editorial proofs.

Can you afford NOT to involve a proofreader in the publishing of your masterpiece?

I have experience in the following types of written work:
                    • Academic works (textbooks, theses) .
                    • Poetry, fiction, non-fiction, novels .
                    • Articles for popular and academic journals .

I can also check documents (e.g. business-, legal -and personal documents) for errors.

Look here at publications that I have proofread, as well as a few recommendations of satisfied clients.

Checking your manuscript

A proofreader is a person whose job it is to read and correct written or printed work;
                    *  find and correct spelling mistakes
                    *  correct any grammar mistakes
                    *  substitute alternative words
                    *  ensure appropriate word choice
                    *  ensure accuracy of scripts
                    *  correct word usage
                    *  proof reading of theses
                    *  ensure correct terminology


Ritme van die Maan: Bertie Cloete. 2016 (Poetry).
Daaglikse Lig: Nicky Schoeman. 2016 (Daily Inspirations).
Die Alkoholis se Vrou: Anen. 2016 (Article).
In die Skadu van die Galg: Brig. Fanie Brits. 2016 (Autobiography). 
Die Psigopaat Ontmasker: Dr. Jan Roux.  2016 (Academic Text Book)
Theological Articles: Jakes Carnow & C. Thesnaar. 2016/2016. Dept. Of Theology, University of Stellenbosch. 
Thesis: The Collection of Urine in Children: R. Van Zyl (B. Eng.) 2017. University of Stelllenbosch.
Thesis: A Comparison of Regression Techniques to Determinants of Stock Market Performance in the Presence of Multicollinearity: Tian Jacobs. B.Comm Hons (Statistics). 2017. University of Stellenbosch.


Editing entails checking of the grammar, ensuring the appropriate use of words, punctuation, spelling, linguistic errors, terminology, and so forth.
Proofreading is the final checking of the text to ensure that there are no errors, for example grammatical errors or spacing, and as these two functions, i.e. editing and proofreading overlap somewhat, I do a lot of editing as well, because in some instances I am the first person in the line of professionals.

I start proofreading as soon as I can, after finishing the work I am currently busy with.
While manuscripts are sent back and forth between you and myself, I proceed with the next chapter of your manuscript.  

Word documents preferably, font: 11pt Arial: 1,5 Line spacing, 350 words/page, A4-page, more or less.
No hand-written manuscripts will be accepted.

I correct errors with track changes on Microsoft Word, in a contrasting colour ; I add notes to explain if necessary (You can see an example here.)

I e-mail it back to you, requesting you to accept or reject the changes. You can either do it yourself by opening the “review” button and clicking on track changes, or send it back to me to “clean up” the text.

I require a deposit of 50% of the quoted tariff before starting on the manuscript, and the rest when I send back the final product. See Tariff List for tariffs.

Format for manuscripts:
Arial –font
1,5 Line spacing
More or less 350 words/page 

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